Locking It Down: Getting To Monogamy

On Facebook — and most online dating sites — there’s a status for “it’s complicated.” And for good reason. In our modern dating world, things have become a bit more complicated than they used to be. Sometimes the lines between dating and being exclusive der zur Quelle become blurred, and you might date for months without a label. So, what to do? Here are 5 tips to successfully navigating your way to monogamy.

Where Do You Stand?

It might sound obvious, but you have more info than you realize. Ask yourself, “Was this relationship ever not complicated?” Did you ever know where you stood? This person has known you for a bit, you both enjoy the other’s company in bed — and out — but he or she won’t officially become exclusive with you? Well, that’s a problem. It may never get there, so take stock of what you have.

At this point you might feel a bit anxious about the status of your relationship, but play it cool. Friends with benefits, in auch hier erfahren booty call, boyfriend, girlfriend… it’s all swirling around in your head and it’ll drive you crazy. One way you’ll keep things complicated is if you keep pushing the issue with that talk. Wait until your relationship is on solid ground before you start to drop hints.

Make ‘Em Want To Commit

Of course, we can’t make anyone do anything, but you can always sweeten the pot. Do those little things that show you genuinely care — stock the fridge with his favorite snacks, draw her a bath, those kinds of things. Don’t be too available when you’re not together, so there will be that longing to see one another. But, also make him or her realize that they can’t Zum ganzen Artikel als always get you whenever, until you’re official.

If the above isn’t working, you may need to pull back and create space between the two of you. Don’t give an ultimatum (because that can come off a bit harsh), just let your actions do the talking. The hope here is that he or she will reach out to you, ya know, asking what’s up and where you’ve been. A great response would be, “I’ve been so busy with work and friends and I need to get my priorities straight. I love hanging out with you, and I’d like to focus my energies on aspects of my life that are more clearly defined.” No drama, just state the facts.

Be Honest With Yourself

Do you really want this? There really are no magic steps that will bridge the gap between “it’s complicated” to monogamy, but you Holen Sie sich die Fakten das should ask yourself why you want to be with this person. Surely, the insecurity of not knowing your place in this person’s life on top of trying not to scare them off with the prospect of a real relationship is making you go crazy. Sometimes, the best answer is to move forward with your life. Find someone who is interested in a monogamous relationship like you are!


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